Are Christians Easily Cured of Their Christianity?

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Here is posted on the Voice of the Martyrs website dated June 1.  It is a fascinating look at our brothers & sisters in Christ in history:

Pliny lettersThe following is a letter from a governor named Pliny to the Roman emperor on the growth of Christianity less than one hundred years after the crucifixion of Christ:

I have never been present at any of the Christians’ trials, and I am unaware of the methods and limits used in our investigation and torture. Do we show any regard to age or gender? If a Christian repents of his religion, do we still punish him or pardon him?

Currently, I am proceeding thus—I question them as to their religion; if they state they are Christian, I repeat the questioning, adding the threat of capital punishment. If they still persist, I order them to be executed. I do not believe that their stubbornness should go unpunished.

I recently questioned a group of Christians who, after interrogation, denied their faith. From this event, I could see more than ever the importance of extracting the real truth, with the assistance of torture, from two female prisoners. But I was able to discover nothing except depraved and excessive superstition.

I therefore thought it wise to consult you before continuing with this matter. The matter is well worth referring to you, especially considering the numbers endangered. This contagious superstition is not confined to the cities only, but has also spread throughout the villages.

Nevertheless it still seems possible to cure it.

Are Christians easily “cured” of their Christianity? When push comes to shove, are most believers incurably faithful to Christ or merely running a mild fever? Persecution is one sure way to discover the truth. Only God knows a person’s heart. However, persecution introduces us to our real selves and helps determine whether we will forsake Christ or remain faithful. If we are truly committed to Christ, then he will give us the stamina we need to endure for his sake. If we are more committed to an ideology than the person of Jesus, we will find ourselves faltering under pressure. Are you an incurable case for Christ or will your beliefs turn out to be “excessive superstition” instead?

Christianity…for Real!!!

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small-butterfly-flapping12I just read a post entitled “Is Christianity Your hobby or Your Life?” on a blog called Reasoning Together.  I really appreciated what he had to say, and I believe you will too.

I especially appreciated a quote he shared from a Chinese pastor.  This precious saint had been jailed a number of times as well as beaten.  This pastor said the following:

“For those Christians who live in the countries under persecution, Christian belief is a matter of life and death. But for those Christians who live in free countries, Christian belief is just like a hobby.”


I am not sharing this because I want us to feel condemned. NO!  But I do want us to be convicted about what meaning our precious life…the life of Jesus IN us…has for US.

I do believe that the very life of freedom we enjoy in America, which we are grateful for and are blessed to have may be the very thing that keeps us complacent and lethargic regarding this incredible, transformed life which we have.

Oh my dear brother and sister in Christ may we today in a fresh and new way surrender our hearts and lives completely to Him.  May we by faith rest in HIS finished work and enjoy HIS life in us!

I want to conclude by encouraging you to check out Voice of the Martyrs and let the stories of our brothers and sisters in persecuted countries stir your hearts as they have and continue to stir my heart.

Video – The Normal Christian Life –

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You have GOT to listen to this message.  It is by Tom Zurowski who is the founder and director of Global Response Network (GRN). GRN serves as a messenger to awaken, inspire and motivate the Church. GRN is also a worldwide outreach of compassion that aids suffering Christians as they take up their cross and follow Jesus.


Check out his blog called GRN Connect Blog.

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