small-butterfly-flapping12I just read a post entitled “Is Christianity Your hobby or Your Life?” on a blog called Reasoning Together.  I really appreciated what he had to say, and I believe you will too.

I especially appreciated a quote he shared from a Chinese pastor.  This precious saint had been jailed a number of times as well as beaten.  This pastor said the following:

“For those Christians who live in the countries under persecution, Christian belief is a matter of life and death. But for those Christians who live in free countries, Christian belief is just like a hobby.”


I am not sharing this because I want us to feel condemned. NO!  But I do want us to be convicted about what meaning our precious life…the life of Jesus IN us…has for US.

I do believe that the very life of freedom we enjoy in America, which we are grateful for and are blessed to have may be the very thing that keeps us complacent and lethargic regarding this incredible, transformed life which we have.

Oh my dear brother and sister in Christ may we today in a fresh and new way surrender our hearts and lives completely to Him.  May we by faith rest in HIS finished work and enjoy HIS life in us!

I want to conclude by encouraging you to check out Voice of the Martyrs and let the stories of our brothers and sisters in persecuted countries stir your hearts as they have and continue to stir my heart.