I stumbled upon this on the internet and had to pass it on.  It is from Dr. Bill Gillham’s book What God Wishes Christians Knew About Christianity, pp 3-4.  The chapter is entitled: THE NORMAL CHRISTIAN’S EXPERIENCE IS NOT THE NORMAL CHRISTIAN LIFE.  I pray the Lord encourages your heart…blessings!

“…yet many have no knowledge of how Jesus Christ holds the secret to their victory over the flesh.

     The Spirit of Christ living through them can overcome their flesh.  There is nothing quite so sad as the tale of an effective Christian whose ministry was launched with the spiritual equivalent of a Super Bowl half-time show only to blow its fuses and leave the “spectators” choking on the smoke. Gang, moment-by-moment victory over evil is not a reality for many sincere Christians with a heart to glorify Christ. Their actions fall far short of their desires due to having no knowledge of how to let Christ express His overcoming life through them.

     Although this is the normal experience of many Christians, it’s a far cry from the normal Christian life that the Bible describes. I would guess that most Christians believe it’s inevitable for us to sin hundreds of times per day (when you include the sins of the thought-life), and they’ve settled into this fatalistic mode until they die or Jesus comes. The Bible does not teach that our physical death is God’s provision for our freedom. It teaches that Jesus Christ’s death, resurrection, ascension, and sending of the Holy Spirit is God’s provision for our freedom. Since that is so, then why is the body of Christ not enjoying this freedom?  What’s the problem? Did some significant truth that is able to empower us to victory either fall on deaf ears or fall instead through the cracks and leave many of us crippling along with dirty spark plugs? This was certainly my case. I never dreamed that God had a solution already installed in me. Perhaps this is the case with you as well. If so, let’s open God’s love letter to us and trust the only One who can teach us the mind of the Lord-the Holy Spirit-to give understanding of how to appropriate the victory that is ours in Christ.”