small-butterfly-flapping3I’ve been preaching at the 1st Southern Baptist Church in the little “town” of Black Canyon City about 14.5 miles north of where I live.  They have asked me to be their interim Pastor.  So, I will be going up there for the next six months, and I am so thrilled.

This small fellowship is so sweet.  The folks there have such a genuine love for the Lord and for each other.  I truly believe God has wonderful plans for us…and tonight was another confirmation.

I wanted to briefly share a fabulous praise.  We had such a wonderful time of worship and praise.  The message was one of the best ever preached (ok….so I embellished a bitJ).  Seriously, as I preached I had such a sense of God’s presence.  We then had a pot-luck (I forgot what a Southern Baptist pot-luck was like) with sweet fellowship.

Well, tonight we met back at the church and there were about 20 of us sitting in a circle. There was a gentleman there who had visited the week before as well as this morning.  Again, we had such a wonderful time around God’s word.  As we prayed to close our meeting, I could hear the visitor saying something. 

The woman sitting next to him has a very sensitive spirit toward others and told us he had a question.  He actually had an observation.  He went on to say that since last week and today he realized that he has to give everything over to the Lord; that he can’t do it.  We eventually led him to the Lord right there.

THIS is the Normal Christian Life!  This is the Body of Christ in Action!  I share this because it is a beautiful picture of how the Body “works”.  I was able to go on and teach them and show them how the different gifts in the group were in action and how it was a great picture of how we are to function.

I love the Body of Christ!  What is really beautiful is that we were actually talking tonight about this very thing, and then the Lord gave us a living illustration…PTL!!!