God’s Heart toward YOU!


A few years ago I was reading in Jeremiah and a passage really hit home.  I was meditating on how God sees me and how He truly viewed me especially in the midst of stupid choices.  Have you ever pondered that or wondered that?  Well, I immediately paraphrased the passages and made it personal.  If you know Jesus personally then this is for YOU!  Please read the passage below and insert YOUR NAME…enjoy.

“I will saturate Anthony’s soul with abundance and he will be satisfied with My goodness.  There is hope for his future.  I have surely heard Anthony’s grieving.  Is Anthony my dear son?  Is he a delightful child?  INDEED, even though I have had to discipline him, I certainly still remember him for he is always on my mind.  Therefore, My heart is stirred up for him!  I yearn and ache for him!  I will surely have mercy on him.  When he is weary, I drench and soak Anthony with rest and satisfaction and I refresh and fill up his soul with joy when he is sorrowful.”

Jeremiah 31:14,17,18a,20,25

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  1. Juliet Martin
    Feb 16, 2009 @ 22:20:36

    Thanks to God for putting these words out there for us. Nice gift you have. But what is even nicer is the fact that you get to use your gift in such an awesome way. So many people go through there lives not understanding how to use the gift God has given to them (my self included). It may be the human flesh or Satan who keeps us from using our precious gift. But I am stuborn and will persevere. Bad choices and all, we can Thank God for our Salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ who still loves us as much as he did on that Cross.

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