Have you ever heard someone say this about God?  What does that really mean? Well, this morning He displayed Himself for me…again!

Have you ever had those serendipitous meetings or those wonderfully “odd” circumstances that are unusually “weird” and it just bless your socks off?  What’s up with that?

This morning a friend showed up at church that was so unexpected and out of context that we knew it was “a God thing.”  Ann and I were truly shocked and almost speechless (ok I don’t think that’s possible for either  of us.)  We had a wonderful time of sweet fellowship, and then we left, but what’s up with this “God thing” we often hear about?

As my wife and I were reflecting on this wonderfully unexpected meeting, I was telling her how in awe I was of our Father.  You see, I began learning years ago that these pleasant circumstances was God’s way of “showing up”; of reminding us that He IS and that He is still involved in my life. Yes….the God of this universe. WOW!

We ARE in relationship with Him! It is times like this that I am swept away by the fact that HE is mindful of ME…always!  He even used this unexpected fellowship to encourage and confirm something in my life (but even this is NOT the point of this little tale).  He DOES desperately love us!!!

So, this “God thing” is actually a way for Him to say to us, “Hey there! I AM here and I’m thinking of YOU!” Let that sink in! Oh…and the cool thing is we are often blessed too.  But remember, our encouragement, blessing, good feelings is NOT the point.  It is ALL ABOUT HIM! His nature, His love, His work, His presence, His heart, etc.!!!

The challenge for us is that we’re often just not expecting to “SEE” Him show up.  I believe our Daddy is constantly demonstrating His presence in our lives, but we are often so caught up in OURSELVES that we miss HIM!!!

I challenge you TODAY to start looking for, expecting and becoming more mindful of Him…..because you are always on His heart and His mind!