In the book of Galatians, Paul clearly and passionately defends the gospel and his ministry as an apostle.  The overall message of the book is LIBERTY!

In my last post we discovered that Paul spoke with so much conviction because he saw himself as a bond-servant of Christ.  Well, I wanted to clarify this point.

The Greek word for “bond-servant” is doulos.  Whenever this word is used in both the bible and in secular writing it is unequivocally used to refer to a literal SLAVE!  We use words like “servant”, “bond-servant”, “bond-slave, etc. to translate doulos, and I think this is tragic.

My dear friend if you are IN Christ, then you ARE a slave of Christ.  The bible also calls us slaves of righteousness (Rom. 6:18-19.)  Therefore, when telling others about Jesus, shouldn’t we be asking, “So, do you want to be a slave of Christ?”  Or if we are talking to someone and want to find out there spiritual condition, couldn’t we ask, “So, are you a slave of Christ?”

I know it sounds funny, but I’m making a point.  I believe we’ve distorted and white-washed the truth of what it means to be a Christian. 

As a slave of Christ, my identity IS Him; my desires ARE His desires (literally); my interests ARE His interests; my will is His will.  Do you get the picture?  A slave is CONSUMED with the master, and is ready to obey…(obedience born out of love for the masterJ).

When a person who is truly born again lives like this, then and only then will they experience His life, His power, His fruit!  May we today live the Normal Christian Life by living as a slave of Jesus!!!