[This is the intro from my message yesterday, and I wanted to share it with you]

small-butterfly-flapping4“That’s not normal!”  Have you ever said that?  Usually, when something’s not normal you know it.  If you are physically not feeling normal, what does that mean?  When someone is acting weird we say, “Dude he’s not normal!”  Or how about when someone you know real well does something out of the ordinary, you say, “Wow that’s weird.  That was abnormal for him to act that way.”  We might even have a “normal” dinnertime.  We have normal temperatures…normal behaviors…normal activities.

But, when it comes to being a Christian, what does the “Normal” Christian life really look like?  Your answer to this is actually your true belief of how the Christian life is lived.  It will also explain and determine the condition of our lives and why we behave the way we do.

There are many views of what normal Christianity is.  There is the Puritanical belief where the Christian must alter his behavior.  Then there’s the Legalist who believes obedience to a set of “do’s & don’ts” is the answer.  Or maybe a Christian may embrace the belief that the Christian life is really lived by “Abstaining” – don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t dance; don’t go into certain places, etc.

I truly believe the most accurate & concise description of the normal Christian life is found in Phil 1:21… “For to me to live is Christ…”.  AND the best illustration of this Normal Christian life is a baby in the womb.  The baby is the only one who can truly say, “For me to live is mom!”  This is a picture of absolute & complete dependency. Mom is totally sufficient for the baby’s needs for life & growth.

          I want us to learn the Lessons of the baby in the womb.  Specifically that the normal Christian life is living in a state of absolute & helpless dependency on Jesus…PTL!